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What is a transmission repair?

A transmission repair or rebuild is a type of mechanical overhaul done to the an auto’s transmission system. It is advised that you do a regular repair work for your car. Apart from ensuring you and your car’s safety, it saves you money at the same time. For all auto owners and drivers, a regular visit to an auto shop is a must. Lengthy hours of driving and extended use may cause the mechanical parts of a transmission system to be worn out or damaged. With this, the need for a transmission repair is a must.

The Benefits of a Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is very essential. It is a cheap alternative to getting a brand new transmission for your car. It is a type of car rebuild in which only the damage or worn parts of the transmission are fixed. Thus, avoiding the act of replacing a transmission system that is still in good shape.

At Angel Garage we have many years of experience working with cars. We don’t just fix minor problems, but we are proud to say that we can fix the most complicated electrical and computer related problems. In many cases we receive cars from other auto repair shops in dallas, and we fix those same problems that they were not able to diagnose. Our transmission rebuilds include all parts, clutches and all hard parts needed for the complete rebuild.  We believe in NO SURPRISES, and we will never quote you a price and then surprise you with something else when you come to get your car. We are located at 828 N. Beltline Rd. Irving, TX.


Entrust you car with only the trusted name in transmission repair and car repair services. Transmission repair is a tough job, it requires the right skills and expertise to do it so as not to cause more serious problem. A minor mistake can cause you a lot of money, so it is really wise to get the most reliable auto repair shop to do the job for you.Finding the most reliable auto repair shop and getting a transmission repair on time can help you save inconveniences and costly expenses. If you are looking for a reliable transmission repair services for your car, you have definitely come to the right place!Quality service that is done on time is our name.