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I will never take my VW passat to another shop. Miguel, at Angel's Garage, is a true professional. Several months ago my engine was making noises that sounded far from normal. I took it to two other mechanics who told me that the repair would cost $3,000-$4,500 and that I needed to either have my entire engine replaced, or have such a drastic overhaul that I may as well have my engine replaced. Over the phone, Angel's Garage told me that the other diagnosis sounded fishy and that it sounded like a typical minor repair. Angel’s garage fixed my car for under $850, including towing. A month later, I had another unrelated issue. Miguel not only fixed the issue in two days, but he also charged me a price drastically below market value, and he let me drive the car for a month before paying my bill just to ensure that the issue did not come back; All, by the way, on the honor system.
I recommend Angels garage to my family and friends. In a world where the norm seems to be a terrible experience with dishonest mechanics, Angel's garage is a much needed breath of fresh air. They are honest, professional and the customer service is the most impressive display that I have ever any industry. I just wish that I had found Angel's garage sooner. If you are looking for a garage that operates with a mentality of the good ol' days, where a man and a business operate with the customer's true best interest in mind, then take your car to Angel's. You will not be disappointed. You will leave there thinking "I almost forgot how it felt to be treated with respect."

Yahoo Review

My experience was nothing short of surprising. This is a family owned business that actually cares about their customers. The mechanics are trained and know what they are doing, they can communicate with you in clear terms, their labor prices are reasonable and they go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable with their service. The front end service I received for my Ford Explorer was great. Don't let the negative comment sway you. It is misleading This shop is worthy of your business.

Google Review

Went here to get my timing belt replaced on my audi a4 around the end of last year along with other necessities, they have the cheapest price and the fastest service turn around. thanks.

Google Review

Good job fixing my A4, reasonable prices, nice people.

Fermin Loayza
Google Review

I got in a wreck 5/20/2010 and took my car to 3 different places to get a quote and estimate time to fix it. The first garage charged me $2400.00 which I thought it was to much, and the next 2 garages charged me $2200.00 hundred dollars, they all told me it was going to take about a week and a half to get it done. I talked to my friend and he told me to take it to Angels garage and that they would do a great job. I took it there and they charged me $1300.00. and they said it was going to take a week. They actually came to my house and picked up my car on a saturday and they gave me a call on thursday saying that my car was ready. They did a perfect job and there was nothing wrong it. I would reccomend anybody to go there and get their car fixed.

Ernando Texeira
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